Types of diapers

Let’s talk about diapers…


When talking about modern cloth diapers than we usually refer to fitted cloth diapers whose size (depth and width) can be adjusted by plastic baby snaps, so they can be used by babies of 5 kg and toddlers of 15 kg as well. They are “one size” diapers and we often say that the fit the child from their early diapering to potty training.

Each diaper includes two separate inserts. The diaper can be used with only one or both inserts, according to specific needs of the child. Separate inserts also allow a more effective washing and drying.


All diapers made of natural fibres require the use of protective diaper covers in order to keep moisture and diaper content away from the child’s clothes.

We offer diaper covers in small size, fitting the baby from birth to about 10 kg, and One Size – fitting from about 5 kg to 16 kg or potty training.

Diaper covers are made with double gussets around the legs, which help protect baby clothes from any eventual leaking.

Prefluff AI2 (All-In-Two)

Prefluff covers are designed to be used with flat diapers folded into an insert, prefold diapers or other sorts of inserts. The inserts get tucked in small front and back pockets that hold it in place. Pockets are made from PUL fabric and lined with coolmax for extra comfort on babies skin.

They are available in two sizes:
babysize (3,5 up to 10 kg) and toddler (8 up to 18 kg).

Two-In-One covers

Two-In-One covers are actually diaper covers with front and back pockets, intended to be used with flat or prefold diapers or any other inserts that can be inserted into the pockets.

Two-In-One covers are basically the same as AI2, with one diffenerce: you can also use it with one size fitted cloth diapers.


Flat diapers are thin cotton muslin squares, usually 80 x 80 cm, and most of us were raised in this type of diapers. They can be folded in different manners or fastened with a snapi buckle.


Prefolds or prefolded diapers are very much similar to flat diapers, but they are sewn in a way that they’re much easier to fit to a child. They’re usually thinner on the sides and thicker in the middle for better absorbency. Same as flat diapers, they can be easily fastened with a snapi or inserted into AI2 diaper pockets.


Wonderfluff are protective panties of universal size, intended for use with tetra diapers folded in a fold, folded as a pad, with prefolds or absorbent pads of another type. Modern cloth diapers are not intended to cover the OS.

The size or depth of the diaper is adjusted by shortening the rubber band around the legs, which you can easily do yourself through the access opening inside the diaper where the rubber band is pulled out and shortened according to the system as on the bra straps.

Inner material: 100% organic merino wool

Outer material: cotton jersey (95% cotton, 5% elastane)

(pull-up pants)

Wool pull-up shorts are intended for use with any type of cloth diaper.

They are made in several sizes:

S size: 4-8 kg
M size: 7-11 kg
L size: 10-15 kg
XL size: 15+ kg

Inner material, waistband and socks: 100% organic merino wool

Outer material: cotton jersey (95% cotton, 5% elastane)