Cloth pads trial set

Trial set includes:
1 daily bamboo pad (everyday use, no waterproof layer)
1 daily bamboo pad with waterproof layer
3 regular bamboo pads with waterproof layer
1 night bamboo cloth pad with waterproof layer
1 extra long bamboo cloth pad with waterproof layer



After use rinse under cold water, let soak in a plastic container until washing. Change water in container with each inserted used cloth pad.

Wash on 60 or 90 degrees. Can be washed together with other white clothing, towels or bedlinen – put them in washing machine first on a short rinse or refresh program, then add other clothes and wash normally. Following these instructions will keep your menstrual pads free of stains.

Drying in the dryer on low program is allowed.

Expected to last 3 to 5 years.

Quantity required corresponds the quantity of disposable pads you would use for a cycle.

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