Can cloth diapers be used from birth?

Cloth diapers can be used from the first day of a child’s life, just a little care should be taken to keep the navel dry until it falls off (the first ten days).

We are expecting our first child and we are very confused by all these types of diapers, can you recommend us which AI2 models or shaped bamboo diapers are better?

When starting with cloth diapers from birth we are always inclined to recommend modern cloth diapers (fitted), shaped because they are the safest and provide the best protection against infant stool leaks, which can be very runny in the first several months.

How many diapers do we need?

If you have decided to use shaped modern cloth diapers (eg bamboo diapers), you need about twenty diapers and 3 pieces of diaper covers of the appropriate size. One size diapers (OS) can be used from birth to potty, but unlike them, size is important for diaper covers, so we recommend baby size during the first months, and One size later. With 20 diapers, count on washing diapers every other day, while with 25 diapers, you can wash them every third day.

If you have decided to use the AI2 model of diaper covers, you will need about 5 pieces of covers, about 20 flat diapers or prefolds, and approximately as many boosters or additional inserts.

Can AI2 models be used from birth?

You can use Ai2 models from birth, in which case, based on our own experience, we would recommend a model with double gussets around the legs (Two-In-One babysize) for the smaller size of diaper cover. As soon as you start feeding real food and the stool becomes firmer, AI2 are a great choice because of simplicity, it only closes once, and their advantage is that they make a smaller “package” on the butt.

How often should a child be changed?

Change the baby every 2 to 3 hours, except at night when he/she can be in the same diaper all night. Of course, if the baby had a stool, diaper should be changed immediately.

Is it necessary to apply cream at every diaper change?

Diapers are made of natural materials and it is not necessary to apply cream to the skin. In case you notice a rash or redness, you can apply a thin layer of baby cream.

Which diapers are best for the night?

For the night, we recommend a Night Power Bamboo diaper with a diaper cover of the appropriate size. A hemp booster can be added to the diaper, which will further enhance the absorbent power of the diaper. For children who are “heavy wetters”, we also offer hemp diapers, because hemp can absorb and retain more fluid than cotton and bamboo.

Can diapers be tumble dried?

All absorbent parts (cotton, bamboo, hemp) can be tumble dried, therefore diapers can go in the drier, but not the diaper covers. Diaper covers dry quickly on air because they do not absorb moisture.

At what temperature can I wash diapers and is liquid or powder detergent better?

Cloth diapers are recommended to be washed at 60 °C, at that temperature bacteria and fungi are eliminated, and diapers will be well washed. Occasional washing at 90 degrees will not harm diapers. Include prewash to remove most urine and any stool residue from the diaper before the main wash. Wash them with half a dose of detergent, we recommend powdered, without the addition of fabric softener, bleach or vinegar, with additional rinsing at the end of the cycle. Additional rinsing is recommended in order to wash the detergent well from the fabric, and for the same reason it is good that the machine does not fill over ¾ the volume of the drum. To last as long as possible, the centrifuge should be set to a maximum of 1000 rpm.

Can diaper covers be washed together with diapers?

If you wash diapers at 60 ° C, you can also wash the diaper covers together with them. Due to the sensitivity of the PUL fabric, we recommend that you use a washing net (put 1-2 pieces of diaper covers in the net and  into the drum with diapers). If you dry the diapers in the dryer, don’t forget to take out the covers before transferring them to the dryer!

How to store used diapers until washing?

We recommend dry storage in a bucket, dirty diapers are rinsed before disposal in a dry bucket and stored until washing. It is good to separate the covers from the diaper, because long-term exposure of PUL fabric to urine from the diaper can shorten their lifespan.

We have been using cloth diapers for a little over a year and they have recently started to have a weird smell, what can I do?

We recommend that you do a diaper stripping, in order to remove the detergent residue that has accumulated in the fabric over time. Stripping is done by washing them in a machine at 60 °C without detergent, only with water. An unusual odor can also be a sign of infection, so if the problem persists, it is a good idea to check your urine with a pediatrician.

After washing, stool stains are still visible somewhere, how can they be removed?

You can put stool stains in the sun, these are pigments from food that are successfully removed by exposure to the sun’s UV rays.