Maintenance of cloth diapers

Before first use

For brand new diapers, we recommend putting them in cold water for a period of few hours (or over night) before the first washing to let natural fibers reach their full absorbency.
Skipping this step is alright as well, the diapers will reach their full absorbency anyway after 8-10 times they’ve been washed.


Cloth diapers are to be washed at 60 degrees Celsius, at this temperature the bacteria and fungus are destroyed, while diapers are washed well. We recommend using half of the usual dose of detergent, without any softeners, bleach or vinegar, and with a double rinse at the end of the cycle.

Keeping dirty diapers before washing

We recommend to rinse a dirty diaper and keep them in a bucket until they’re being washed.


Cloth diapers can be dried on air or in the dryer on a mild programme. Eventual stains that are still visible after washing, can easily go away after exposing the stained surface to the sun. It is not recommended to put the diapers directly to a heat source, since heat can cause damage (especially to diaper covers)

Maintenance of woolen cover panties

Woolen covers are maintained differently from other diapers and must not be machine washed with other clothing, or tumble dried. If they get lost in the machine – they will most likely be significantly reduced, so special care should be taken.

Wool covers, if not soiled with stool, can be washed once a week or once every two weeks, depending on the frequency of use. After each use, the wool cover should be left to air (we do not use it twice in a row).

How do we know it’s time to wash and lanolize?
The cover got dirty
It smells bad
Lanolin from the wool has worn out and moisture can be felt on the outside of the cover
When it’s time to wash, the cover is first rinsed with cold water and then washed by hand with a mild wool detergent in water up to 30 degrees. It can be drained by rolling in a towel and the process of lanolizing follows.
Lanolin (can be bought at the pharmacy) is first dissolved in a glass of hot water with the help of a mild shampoo, after which this solution is added to a container with cold water in which protective panties are then placed. When we put woolen panties in water – it must be lukewarm (30 degrees). Let stand in the lanolin solution for a couple of hours or overnight. Roll into a towel to soak up excess liquid and allow to dry laid flat on the substrate. Do not hang on a string so that it does not stretch, do not leave it directly in the sun. When dry it can be used.