Boo and Boo
about us

Welcome to the page where you can find out about Boo & Boo diapers and baby supplies that we make with lots of love and passion here in Pula, Croatia.

Cloth diapers are an ecological product made of natural materials that gives parents the opportunity to save money, it is healthier for the child’s skin, but also for the environment – which keeps pace with today’s trends.

and usage

The design is adapted for the simplest possible use, so the use of modern cloth diapers does not differ much from the use of disposable diapers.

With Boo & Boo cloth diapers, changing can also be a lot of fun: there is a large selection of colorful designs, and also the possibility of personalization with various characters made by machine embroidery.

In addition to diapers, we also offer clothing accessories for toddlers up to 3 years of age, such as BaBOO shorts that grow with a child, hats, scarves, bibs…

In line with the modern trend of the “zero waste” concept, a product line has been designed for women that includes menstrual cloth pads, breastfeeding pads and cosmetic pads.