About fabrics


is a thin, breathable 100% cotton fabric, that is used to make flat diapers and very often cloth wipes. Muslin is very absorbent, dries quickly, and can be folded up for a very trim fit because it is a very lightweight material, so it is ideal for cloth diapering your baby.

All muslin fabrics we use are Oeko-tex certified and safe for children under 3 years of age.

Cotton jersey

is a fabric most often used for making children’s clothes, T-shirts and similar and they are usually 100% cotton or eventually 95% cotton with 5% elasthane (spandex). It doesn’t absorb as well as bamboo, but since it comes in various colors and designs it is used for the outer diaper layer and it’s function is mostly decorative.


Bamboo fabric

is one of newer fabrics in clothes manufacturing, it’s production is ecologically acceptable for the reason bamboo grows very fast and does not require pesticides. Besides offering excellent absorbing properties, it stands out with a gentle cuddly softness, and it is also considered to have antibacterial properties. Bamboo terry we use is one of the heaviest on the market, creating durable diapers of outstanding absorbing properties.

PUL fabric

is 100% poliester with poliurethane laminate. It is a water impermeable fabric that “breathes”, and it is used for making waterproof diaper covers.

Since 2020 we only use ecologically made “green” PUL fabric, as always Oeko-tex certified and safe for children under 3 years of age.


is considered the most absorbent material used to make cloth diapers, even up to 4 times more than cotton, and in addition to particularly high absorbency it also stands out for its durability. It is naturally resistant to pests, so it is grown completely ecologically, without the use of pesticides. To make a absorbent cloth for diapers, it is mixed with cotton in a ratio of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.